Saturday, 23 March 2013

Shaking Off Excess Baggage

The last few days have been interesting. Finally let go of someone who was bringing turiya down and causing a lot of trouble for her family. This person was a great source of angst for us for the last three and a half years, so it is good to be rid of them.

Feeling so good about it too. Empowered. Seeing things with so much more clarity now. Not feeling so drained. Feel closer to my family. The wall that had been there is gone. Most importantly is this one can feel. For the longest time it was though the only feelings that existed were confusion and despair. Now there is love and hope again.

There is still a struggle as this person does not want to let go. This person is very much a control freak, something they very often accused turiya of being. Maybe she does have control issues, but at least her issues don't cause pain to every life she touches.

So now it's all about shaking off the excess baggage. Recapping everything to do with this person and getting this ones life back on track. It's a very freeing feeling.